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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Ever wondered what Mona Lisa's brother looked like?

(After years of speculation and research on the famous Mona Lisa scientists and art critics have succeded in determining that Mona Lisa was pregnant. They didnt stop at that. They have simulated her voice and have also found out that she was a diabetic. Unbelievable! How more jobless can people be! Anyway someone has gone even further to determine what Mona Lisa's brother looked like. The result: La Monalibean!)


aceone118 said...

Bhalla, I've added you in my link. Pls do the same and hope you like my blog. You are welcome to comment in my blog. kekeke.

Rabbit said...

Woah, with that Mr Bean's toy in hand somore. *sweat* Oh by the way, thanks for reading my blog ya! Will visit your blog too from now onwards. =)

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Hey Bhalla, I'm linking you now... scary looking mona lisa picture!!!