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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A blonde joke!

I urgently needed a few days off work, but I knew the Boss would not allow me to take a leave. I figured, though, that maybe if I acted crazy then he would tell me to take a few days off.

So I hung upside down on the ceiling and made funny noises. My co-worker (who's blonde) asked me what I was doing? I told her that I was pretending to be a light bulb so that the Boss would think I was nuts and give me a few days off.

A few minutes later the Boss came into the office and asked "What are you doing ?" I told him I was a light bulb. He said "You are clearly stressed out. Go home and recuperate for a couple of days".

I jumped down and walked out of the office. When my co-worker (the blonde) followed me, the Boss asked her: "And where do you think you're going?

( You're gonna love this)
She said, "I'm going home too, I can't work in the dark!"


Rodrigo Blogger said...

Hi, you left a comment in my blog so I came to see yours, and what can I say, great job. You just won a new reader. Sorry but I cant exchange links cause I only trade links with travel related blogs.
But keep on with the good work and you´ll soon have a wonderful blog here.

Ps said...

Found my way here from Freelance cynic's blog.This one was funny :-)

Valedon said...

wow this is a real cool blog. I love this blonde joke. Yes, we can exchange links. I already linked to you.

The Freelance Cynic said...

We are totally linking!

It's so rare someone wants to link with who actually has a sense of humour!

You are already Added!